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As you can see, I have a youtube channel where I draw my favorite video games characters. Well, I decided to draw Alien Hominid and record me drawing it in time lapse. I also did Soid Snake, Kirby, Link, and even a doodle of me. Just check out my youtube account!

My Youtube Account

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Alien Hominid Time Lapse Video!!!

New Art portal! :D

2009-06-19 16:40:05 by connor1234

I'm so excited becuase with this new art portal on newgrounds. I can fnally submit my work that is not a flash but is worth showing. I'm going to start submitting work as soon as possible. Expect some pictures from me very soon!

New Art portal! :D

Seriously bored!

2008-10-08 00:51:28 by connor1234

Im just blogging because it takes up some of my time. I guess while im at it, I might as well show a large version of my new .gif (in JPEG form)

WACOM!! (I do use a wacom tablet)

Seriously bored!

Scrolling background loop!

2008-08-24 02:09:38 by connor1234

i made this one in about a day. I figuredc that this time I would go with a simple kind of look.

To see it

Click here!


See ya Later!!

2008-07-31 12:23:27 by connor1234

In three days, i will be leaving my house in missouri with a group I'm with called "Wyldlife" to detroit lakes, minnesota. I'll be gone from the 2nd of august (also that's my birthday) to the 8th. I most likely wont be able to update my page between then. Well, I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their summer break!
i certainly will!

Steven aka connor1234

P.S. Here's a picture of the resort. (Its in between to large lakes)

See ya Later!!

My brother, Christian has a google powered site that he named "Webs Last' for some reason. He likes to put games on his site. So one day he came up to me and said,"hey, could you make me an animated logo for my site?" My being nice and all and plus needed a little practice with frame by frame animation said yeah.

in other news.
I lost my previous sketching for what I wanted to draw on my sketchbook paper so I am now sketching out my version of "captian" and its going to have a tankman theme to it. It gonna look great in this years NG sketchbook tour.

To look at my animated logo
Click here!

To download it
Click here then!

The Flash size is 256 KBS

enjoy and plz comment, I like reading them

Free for download!

2008-07-14 14:17:49 by connor1234

It recently got scorching hot here in Missouri. So, I want to make something that reminded me of cool and refreshing. So, I grab the Newgrounds preloader and I edit it to make it fit to a winter/christmas kind of feeling. Plus, it will add 43 KB to your flash animation

You guys are free to download this preloader but you will have to credit me in the animation.

To preview the swf
Click here

To download it
Click here


New logo for Dragonberry!

2008-07-09 13:03:56 by connor1234

Here you go, Dragonberry.

Hope you like it

New logo for Dragonberry!

New Eddsworld short!

2008-07-07 01:16:49 by connor1234

This is probably going to be my first flash that i submit to newgrounds. I hope it gets above a score
3.80. This is going to be about a minute long and and it about 65% done and it is very scrambled up but when it's all done it will make sense.

Click to see completed animation so far.

Here's a screenshot too.

New Eddsworld short!

The Flying Dog!

2008-06-30 15:43:41 by connor1234

I have a polmchi (pomeranian/chiwawa) named "sasha" and I was really bored today and here is the result of that.

My sister hoped me think of the idea for this little short "short"

We thought it would be funny to show you guys!

Click here to see it!